face value

The amount of money printed on the face of the certificate of a security; the original dollar amount of indebtedness incurred. Chicago Board of Trade glossary
face or face value
See current face and original face. American Banker Glossary
See: par value
See par value Exchange Handbook Glossary
The term used to describe value of a bond when it matures, also known as the 'nominal' or 'par' value.
This is the value of the bond or security as printed on the document. The face value represents the amount that the issuing company promises to pay at the time of maturity. London Stock Exchange Glossary
The displayed value on a bond also called principal or par value. NYSE Euronext Glossary

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face value face value value1

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   On a share certificate or bond, the face value is what appears on the face of the document. On a debt instrument, it is the amount to be repaid at maturity. On a share it is a purely nominal amount and has no relevance to the market value of the instrument. Face value is also known as 'par value' or 'nominal value'.

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face value UK US noun [U] US face amount)
FINANCE the amount that is shown on a bank note, a coin, etc.: »

The bonds are trading at just 40% of face value.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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